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Level Guide Wow

Level Guide Wow

Level Wow Guide. How to Level Your World of Warcraft Character Solo
From Level 1 to 85 The Fastest Way Possible

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Leveled 1 – 85 in 3 days, 21 hours /played time
and have ALL 10 level 85 Characters

"Shockingly, this is my first post and I 07/2007 vardı. Eu leveling guide wow you in the back from the road on the server to start on a new server having a lot of high level characters and a maximum decided to see how fast you could get.

I set the rules: no RAF, no guild, no BOA items, no dungeons, just leveled adventure.

Character Played March 24 and April 8, 2011.
Eu server Hellscream, Horde Female Troll.

Direct and guide you, where to go and when to do it fast.
Great for creating a high-speed leveling guide wow Dugi and all the staff thank you."

Level Guide Wow Review

If you are a seasoned veteran, starting with their first toon, or whether you're a player, a leveling guide anyone who needs something a little different. A good leveling guide can tell you how to follow someone else's footsteps level quickly.
great guide leveling guide allows you to choose how you want to level faster.

Dugi's Leveling Guide Wow: 

Compared to other guides I looked at was a special experience for me as a player. With over 5100 quests covered, and I was surprised at how many options there were leveled.

Guide itself is very lightweight and easily installed. Once installed, I updated after each search stage, we had access to a great step-by-step automatic waypoint system. Once an adequate level of characters, all the queries that you really are not that interested in putting a lot of thought into the process at a point close to the ground to get. Personally, before he reached the point where I was about twenty-toons!

Used to guide the Alliance or Horde character or level, and I tried on. Often, as many as three or four quests at once, tripling and quadrupling the amount of experience I will take the same amount of time.

The Level Guide Wow That Can not Be Tricked

 The main reason I decided to review this guidance in the first place I recently signed up for a refer-a-friend is someone who has an account. We have triple the amount of guidance from experience that awaited us, because we were just whizzing by investigating and all manuals were currently using just could not keep up with us!

We have just the appropriate level to the next task for us, and then we run into a chain quest would be to go back and decide where to go to get the horrible because it will have to spend 15 minutes. Frustrating!

Dugi's Level Guide wow is really superior to anything else I have ever seen has an AMAZING tracking system. We have been leveled that we had been using all different, Dugi really kept up with us. We leveled up, you can skip the steps that stupid chain explores the quest did not stop now, and all it would have been better!

Talented Leveling

wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide
Ability to how to use the collection points can be quite difficult, and you dominate PVP PVM both rock and trying to decide which combination of magic can easily disrupt a leveling guide wow line.

Dugi Talent Guide is a great bonus built-in automatic tells the best place to put your talent points for each level.

Ability Guide Dugi Dugi's proposed speed leveling talent build is the main focus of the PVP-are not designed for players who want to spend the whole time. If you are serious about leveling the best talent possible to kill quickly instead of trying to build a hybrid build you are good to wear. Because there are a couple of opinions for each class talent, though, do not worry. I usually get a spec and level up only automatic I have the appropriate skills guidance to deposit into my talent points.

Very nice Subsequently, Dugi builds for each class and spec, complete with a great talent for level 85 PVP is included in the template. I've rolled a PVP server, it will be a blessing at the end of a long road.

How Does It Compare Level Guide Wow others? 

Every guide brings something different to the table, so it can be a bit hard to make direct comparisons. Dugi’s Level Guide wow brings a lot of content and a lot of choices for any player that uses it. Alongside its leveling guides wow, it also offers packages for Gold, Profession, Dailies, and Dungeons… IF you need them. There is a lot of bonuses included just with the leveling guide wow itself!
I enjoyed Dugi’s because I like being able to choose (with guidance) how and where I want to level. It’s cheap, it’s extremely effective, and it’s friendly to players of all races and levels–I don’t know what else to ask for from a leveling guide. I like it, and I recommend it.  
wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide

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Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide

  • 1-85 Solo Leveling Guides
  •  Loremaster & Dungeon Guide
  •  Dailies & Events Guides
  •  Achievements & Professions Guides

Rating: 4.5/5
Last updated Guide: Updated for Cataclysm
Check out Last updated: 19.10.2012
Advanced Players Beg: Beginner - Advanced Level Players

Dugi Ultimate WoW Guide in-game addons to create your ultimate collection of characters. Dugi's WoW guide website you will not find anywhere else, offers some unique material.

Ultimate WoW Guide site offers three main guides:

  1.       1-85 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guides (these are the most popular ones)
  2.    The Daily Quest and Seasonal Events Guide (Dailies + Halloween, Christmas, Midsummer events, etc.)
  3.  Achievements & Profession Leveling Guides 
Various packages for them separately, or get great discounts. 
Here's what you can expect some more guidelines: 

1-85 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guides

Dugi Ultimate WoW Guide to Leveling 1-85 leveling guides alliance with the crowd and detailed information manuals included. New version 5, the meaning of display instructions for leveling in the game, a game-addon (complies with Blizzard's addon policy), respectively. , Turn in a quest to pick up a quest, kill the mobs, collect items, etc. This will tell you exactly what to do at any time

This is completely outside of leveling is disappointing.

Each step is where you need to go to a waypoint arrows are showing. How convenient? Too! Some other features include:

  •  Simplified 1-85 leveling path
  • Very compact, do not clutter the screen
  • Seamless compatibility of the class quests. Class based on the guide (patch 4.0 's revamped changes!) Will tell you what you must do is
  • With the bags to find them, search for more items in the search display a clickable icon when you need it! (Love it)
  • Initiating regional guides for all races. death knights, goblins, worgen
Talent while leveling guides, as well as show you how to spend the level 85 skills for other purposes.

Leveling guides in the rested EXP, decorative items, etc. In other words, Blizzard's work program with a friend at any level, as well as there are many features that facilitate jump, you do not have to be a slave to these guidelines. If you want to do something, such as samples or war, will be very easy to get back on the road with leveling guide.

Dailies and Events Guide

Dugi's Dailies & Events Guide is a great help to speed up the routine daily adventures. Again, the game may appear in this manual. This guide you a lot more gold, reputation, pets, and titles to win and at the same time frees up time to do other fun things to WoW.

This is how the rewards 375g or more in an hour, earning 80 and 85 daily newspapers faster than you thought possible the level 70, power leads! I guarantee on gold (no auction house of prostitution), reputation, mounts, vanity items and earn cool Dailies reason. But I have not done them before, as well as this manual will guide you through all the prerequisites.

There is a guide to the Argent Tournament, but I think the best part of the events guide. Single WoW that will guide you through seasonal events - such as Children's Week, I know, Feast of Winter Veil, etc. (all 12) - If you are earning achievements, gold, reputation, pets and other goodies.

As a bonus, including 20 instructional videos for newspapers
there. Fast make them even faster, get more gold per hour, as well as so very handy. 

Achievements & Professions Guide 

Dugi's Achievements & Profession Guide, fast and easy as humanly possible 525 powerlevel and great success for the profession and their associated rewards are designed to help you gain an entirely new game-guide.

Game-by-step-by-step guide being put into this addon if you have a success lends Basically, it's there. You can see a full list of achievements covered Dugi site. Do not miss the stunning rare on legs will be whispered over and over again.

In addition, step-by-step guides for all professions (even lockpicking, fishing, cooking, etc.) are also included and you can even choose whether there is material in this professional level. If not, the guide will show you where to collect supplies.

Zygor or Dugi?

It really comes down to personal preference at this point. Unique features not offered by Zygor Guides Dugi guides, and even there, but they both have their supporters. In my opinion, both great and either (or both) will be happy with.


Each guide looks good on its own, but together this package becomes much more powerful. If you need it also has a community forum and a great e-mail support. Dugi company is very reputable and has been around since 2005 and is here to stay, so you can rest assured that you will receive updates to guides.

Dugi Ultimate WoW Guide for more information on, click here.

Click Here to Free Trial 1-20 Download Now 

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Dugi Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

Official Site: ultimatewowguide. com 

wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guideDugi Ultimate World of  Warcraft Guide has a lot to say about this. So far, the best and most affordable WoW guide that there is and the fact that I (you are my "About" page, if you read, you can see the whole story) started this site because of this. Ultimate WoW Guide to get gold, level, which will help all achievemens (including Loremaster), whether it is the fastest time in order to maximize the circuit to run dailies, events, any and all jobs done, and the level in record time. The best part about this guide, this is Blizzard's Terms of Service does it meet all the game is an addon stylish. If you want, you need to get started right away on the road - even if the addon you do not have to go through and check off what has been done so it will automatically detect already done! Here is a breakdown of each guide:

 Leveling Guide

wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guideDugi guide level 1 to 85 in 3 days to receive and / played time will be 21 hours. ONLY means to play casually, if it can be done in just a few weeks. How is this madness? I know that leveling is sick, and I want one of each class. This guide will do it. Not so great, I've been using it since 2009 and I love it. All 10 85 I have on the host server to be 11 when I'm looking for Mysts of Pandaria, of course, this guide also covers because they will be!Yellow PagesThere are a few different ways to get gold in WoW and this guide has it all covered for you. This little treasure chest of agriculture, gathering professions, business cycle, flipping the auction house, or just get running dailies, choose how you want to make gold. This guide will give the best strategies for each. Will be maxed out your gold stash before you know it!

Success and Professional Guides

wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guideSuccess manual is pretty awesome. There is a lot of achievements such tabards, mounts, and unique items such as titles that award. This guide will get them for you. Success of all his friends, including manuals, links, headings, and for the reputation. There is a real gem of the profession guides here. If you are bringing together all the professions gives the best agricultural roads, but will also include a level guides are not only a profession through agricultural labor, or want to get more AH items, it will tell you what to buy and how a professional level quickly and easily many items you need to make.

Dailies Guide

wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide
Newspaper guide me to make tons of gold in record time and had to max out my reputation. As the guild achievements of colleagues and friends before you so that you get any of this success goes hand in hand with the instruction manual. This guide is all the newspapers (and the calendar of world events) to get things done in record time to hook up with the best order. Even the Argent Tournament and the molten support. 

I'm not sure why there are not already in this manual. Click here to get it now!

wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide